Indexing Weighted-Sequences in Large Databases

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Indexing Weighted-Sequences in Large Databases
We present an index structure for managing weightedsequences in large databases. A weighted-sequence is defined as a two-dimensional structure where each element in the sequence is associated with a weight. A series of network events, for instance, is a weighted-sequence in that each event has a timestamp. Querying a large sequence database by events' occurrence patterns is a first step towards understanding the temporal causal relationships among the events. The index structure proposed in this paper enables us to efficiently retrieve from the database all subsequences, possibly non-contiguous, that match a given query sequence both by events and by weights. The index method also takes into consideration the non-uniform frequency distribution of events in the sequence data. In addition, our method finds a broad range of applications in indexing scientific data consisting of multiple numerical columns for discovery of correlations among these columns. For instance, indexing a DNA...
Haixun Wang, Chang-Shing Perng, Wei Fan, Sanghyun
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Updated 01 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where ICDE
Authors Haixun Wang, Chang-Shing Perng, Wei Fan, Sanghyun Park, Philip S. Yu
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