Inducing Domain-Specific Semantic Class Taggers from (Almost) Nothing

11 years 6 months ago
Inducing Domain-Specific Semantic Class Taggers from (Almost) Nothing
This research explores the idea of inducing domain-specific semantic class taggers using only a domain-specific text collection and seed words. The learning process begins by inducing a classifier that only has access to contextual features, forcing it to generalize beyond the seeds. The contextual classifier then labels new instances, to expand and diversify the training set. Next, a cross-category bootstrapping process simultaneously trains a suite of classifiers for multiple semantic classes. The positive instances for one class are used as negative instances for the others in an iterative bootstrapping cycle. We also explore a one-semantic-class-per-discourse heuristic, and use the classifiers to dynamically create semantic features. We evaluate our approach by inducing six semantic taggers from a collection of veterinary medicine message board posts.
Ruihong Huang, Ellen Riloff
Added 10 Feb 2011
Updated 10 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where ACL
Authors Ruihong Huang, Ellen Riloff
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