INEX 2005 Multimedia Track

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INEX 2005 Multimedia Track
In this article the activities of the INEX 2005 Multimedia track are reported. We succesfully realized our objective, to provide an evaluation platform for the evaluation of retrieval strategies for XMLbased multimedia documents. In this first exploratory year the focus was on the retrieval of XML fragments, using both content-based text and image retrieval. 1 Challenge and Objectives The main objective of the INEX 2005 multimedia track is to provide an evaluation platform for structured document retrieval systems that do not only include text in the retrieval process. Many structured document collections today also contain other types of media, such as images, speech, and video. To include these media types into the retrieval process and to produce a meaningful ranking is far from trivial. Using the structure of the document as a semantic/logical backbone for the retrieval of multimedia document fragments will allow us to investigate this problem from a new perspective. In the first...
Roelof van Zwol, Gabriella Kazai, Mounia Lalmas
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where INEX
Authors Roelof van Zwol, Gabriella Kazai, Mounia Lalmas
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