Inferring Facial Action Units with Causal Relations

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Inferring Facial Action Units with Causal Relations
A system that could automatically analyze the facial actions in real time have applications in a number of different fields. However, developing such a system is always a challenging task due to the richness, ambiguity, and dynamic nature of facial actions. Although a number of research groups attempt to recognize action units (AUs) by either improving facial feature extraction techniques, or the AU classification techniques, these methods often recognize AUs individually and statically, therefore ignoring the semantic relationships among AUs and the dynamics of AUs. Hence, these approaches cannot always recognize AUs reliably, robustly, and consistently. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for AUs classification, that systematically accounts for relationships among AUs and their temporal evolution. Specifically, we use a dynamic Bayesian network (DBN) to model the relationships among different AUs. The DBN provides a coherent and unified hierarchical probabilistic framework to...
Yan Tong, Wenhui Liao, Qiang Ji
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Updated 28 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CVPR
Authors Yan Tong, Wenhui Liao, Qiang Ji
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