Information Flow Control Revisited: Noninfluence = Noninterference + Nonleakage

9 years 3 months ago
Information Flow Control Revisited: Noninfluence = Noninterference + Nonleakage
Abstract. We revisit the classical notion of noninterference for statebased systems, as presented by Rushby in 1992. We strengthen his results in several ways, in particular clarifying the impact of transitive vs. intransitive policies on unwinding. Inspired partially by Mantel's observations on unwinding for event systems, we remove the restriction on the unwinding relation to be an equivalence and obtain new insights in the connection between unwinding relations and observational preorders. Moreover, we make two major extensions. Firstly, we introduce the new notion of nonleakage, which complements noninterference by focusing not on the observability of actions but the information flow during system runs, and then combine it with noninterference, calling the result noninfluence. Secondly, we generalize all the results to (possibilistic) nondeterminism, introducing the notions of uniform step consistency and uniform local respect. Finally, we share our experience using nonleakage...
David von Oheimb
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors David von Oheimb
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