Information retrieval on mixed written and spoken documents

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Information retrieval on mixed written and spoken documents
While advances have been made in structuring, indexing and retrieval of multimedia documents, we propose to study the unexplored problematics of information retrieval on heterogeneous media sets composed of written and spoken documents. The coverage of modalities in retrieved results seems to be an important part of the user's information need. We show that this problematic is not satisfied by the usual bag-of-words models and propose a method to balance modalities within the query expansion process of the probabilistic model. As there has never been experiments in this domain, we suggest that building evaluation data for the addressed medias (text and speech) as well as other medias (image...) is important for the multimedia information retrieval community.
Benoît Favre, Patrice Bellot, Jean-Fran&cced
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where RIAO
Authors Benoît Favre, Patrice Bellot, Jean-François Bonastre
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