Information Systems Conceptual Foundations: Looking Backward and Forward

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Information Systems Conceptual Foundations: Looking Backward and Forward
The academic field of information systems has developed because organizations use a specialized body of knowledge about information and communications systems. Teaching and research support these organization needs. The field may be defined in terms of observed information systems in organizations and also in terms of the function or field of activity for system planning, development, management, and evaluation. Since the systems deal with capture, repositories, processing, and communication of data, information, and knowledge, these are also defined. Conceptual foundations for the field are the set of concepts and propositions that explain why structures are designed the way they are, tasks are scheduled and accomplished in the way they are, and activities are performed the way they are. There are three approaches to conceptual foundations: an intersection approach that accepts any concept from any field if it appears to add insight and explanation to informationsystems practice andr...
Gordon B. Davis
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