Initial characterization of parallel NFS implementations

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Initial characterization of parallel NFS implementations
Parallel NFS (pNFS) is touted as an emergent standard protocol for parallel I/O access in various storage environments. Several pNFS prototypes have been implemented for initial validation and protocol examination. Previous efforts have focused on realizing the pNFS protocol to expose the best bandwidth potential from underlying file and storage systems. In this presentation, we provide an initial characterization of two pNFS prototype implementations, lpNFS (a Lustre-based parallel NFS implementation) and spNFS (another reference implementation from Network Appliance, Inc.). We show that both lpNFS and spNFS can faithfully achieve the primary goal of pNFS, i.e., aggregating I/O bandwidth from many storage servers. However, they both face the challenge of scalable metadata management. Particularly, the throughput of spNFS metadata operations degrades significanlty with an increasing number of data servers. Even for the better-performing lpNFS, we discuss its architecture and propose a...
Weikuan Yu, Jeffrey S. Vetter
Added 13 Feb 2011
Updated 13 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where IPPS
Authors Weikuan Yu, Jeffrey S. Vetter
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