The Initium RJS ScreenSaver: Part 2, UNIX

11 years 9 months ago
The Initium RJS ScreenSaver: Part 2, UNIX
This paper describes a Java-based screensaver technology for the Initium Remote Job Submission (RJS) system running on UNIX XWindows. Initium RJS is a Java Web Start (JAWS) technology that enables Java-based grid computing. The Initium RJS system uses screensavers to enable CPU scavenging. A screensaver is a program that activates during a period of user-computer quiescence. Detection of this quiet time enables the use of otherwise wasted CPU cycles. When the period of user-computer quiescence ceases, the screensaver terminates any currently running compute jobs, releasing the computer back for general use. Such a program constitutes a first step toward utilizing otherwise idle compute resources in a grid computing system. We are motivated to study screen-savers because they represent a minimally invasive technology for volunteering CPU services. Typically, computers are used between 40 and 60 hours out of a 168-hour week. This represents approximately 35% utilization. Our theory is t...
Douglas A. Lyon, Francisco Castellanos
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Type Journal
Year 2006
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Authors Douglas A. Lyon, Francisco Castellanos
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