Injector: Mining Background Knowledge for Data Anonymization

10 years 11 months ago
Injector: Mining Background Knowledge for Data Anonymization
Existing work on privacy-preserving data publishing cannot satisfactorily prevent an adversary with background knowledge from learning important sensitive information. The main challenge lies in modeling the adversary’s background knowledge. We propose a novel approach to deal with such attacks. In this approach, one first mines knowledge from the data to be released and then uses the mining results as the background knowledge when anonymizing the data. The rationale of our approach is that if certain facts or background knowledge exist, they should manifest themselves in the data and we should be able to find them using data mining techniques. One intriguing aspect of our approach is that one can argue that it improves both privacy and utility at the same time, as it both protects against background knowledge attacks and better preserves the features in the data. We then present the Injector framework for data anonymization. Injector mines negative association rules from the data t...
Tiancheng Li, Ninghui Li
Added 20 Dec 2008
Updated 20 Dec 2008
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ICDE
Authors Tiancheng Li, Ninghui Li
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