Innovation Processes Revisited by Internet

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Innovation Processes Revisited by Internet
Internet, far from being a simple technology, is truly changing our way of life. Just as the invention of the alphabet, or the printing, Internet is a fundamental technology that we have designed, but which, in turn, is impacting our behavior, our relationship with the world and ourselves. By empowering ordinary citizens, it helps us to face a cognitive paradigm shift. This is deeply rooted in the design process of Internet, which has led a new way to perform innovation. Some Internet fundamentals The deep roots of Internet When trying to understand why Internet became so important, two very important quotes come to mind. The first one is from a extremely well-known visionary, whose work was the great announcement of the Internet era: Marshall McLuhan.1 Not only did he foresee the "global village", not only did he say this sentence, whose implications are very difficult to admit: "The medium is the message", not only he said that technologies are extensions of our b...
Serge Soudoplatoff
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