An Instructional Component for Dynamic Course Generation and Delivery

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An Instructional Component for Dynamic Course Generation and Delivery
: E-Learning offers the advantage of interactivity: an E-Learning system can adapt the learning materials to suit the learner’s personality and his goals, and it can react to the students interaction with the learning materials. Since the advent of the Web, lots of research investigated the new possibilities to support learning offered by the means of hypertext and the Internet. However, even though important results have been achieved with respect to adaptive hypermedia, open student modeling, collaborative web-tools to name but a few, current features of adaptivity fall behind compared to pre-web instructional planning systems developed in the early nineties. In this paper, I describe an instructional component for the E-Learning environment ACTIVEMATH that marries work in instructional planning, on how to generate learning materials that are best suited for an individual learner and his tasks, and recent work for E-Learning in the Web, especially in knowledge representation, of le...
Carsten Ullrich
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