Integrated Correction of Ill-Formed Sentences

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Integrated Correction of Ill-Formed Sentences
This paper describes a system that performs hierarchical error recovery, and detects and corrects a single error in a sentence at the lexical, syntactic, and/or semantic levels. If the system is unable to repair an erroneous sentence on the assumption that it has a single error, a multiple error recovery system is invoked. The system employs a chart parsing algorithm and uses an augmented context-free grammar, and has subsystems for lexical, syntactic, surface case, and semantic processing, which are controlled by an integrated-agenda system. In the frequent case that there is a choice of possible repairs, the possible repairs are ranked by penalty scores. The penalty scores are based on grammar-dependent and grammarindependent heuristics. The grammar-independent ones involve error types, and, at the lexical level, character distance; the grammar-dependent ones involve, at the syntactic level, the significance of the repaired constituent in a local tree, and, at the semantic level, th...
Kyongho Min, William H. Wilson
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Kyongho Min, William H. Wilson
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