Integrating Constraints in an Object-Based Knowledge Representation System

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Integrating Constraints in an Object-Based Knowledge Representation System
Object-based knowledge representation systems bene t from the declarative power of the object formalism for modeling, organizing and storing large amounts of knowledge. They also o er powerful reasoning mechanisms classi cation, inheritance, methods, : : :  which, applied on the current facts of a knowledge base, will deduce implicit or hypothetical facts and then increase the amount of knowledge.. Fully integrating constraints into an object-based representation model should not merely consist in constraining objects managed by the model allowing the de nition of horizontal links between them, but it should also lead to represent constraints with the help of objects allowing to set, modify or delete them using the basic primitives of object manipulation provided by the model. Tropes is an object-based knowledge representation system in which constraints are integrated as objects. We describe the main features of the system before detailing the di erent kinds of constraints avai...
Jérôme Gensel
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Year 1995
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Authors Jérôme Gensel
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