On Integrating Differentiated Services and UMTS Networks

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On Integrating Differentiated Services and UMTS Networks
Differentiated Services (DS) is currently the major approach discussed to provide network layer service differentiation in IP networks. However, the discussion mainly addresses fixed networks. This short paper analyzes the usage of DS in cellular wireless packet networks being based on the ‘Universal Mobile Telecommunications System’ (UMTS), focusing on service provisioning within the transport IP network of UMTS. 1 Motivation Future generations of mobile and wireless packet networks will enable an increasing variety of applications including multimedia applications with specific requirements on the service quality provided by the network. Since current IP-based networks cannot provide for a consistent and predictable service quality for all attached terminals, mechanisms for service differentiation such as Differentiated Services (DS) [2] are necessary. However, the current status of DS does not take the specific requirements of mobile and wireless networks into account. Hence...
Jörg Diederich, Thorsten Lohmar, Martina Zitt
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where LCN
Authors Jörg Diederich, Thorsten Lohmar, Martina Zitterbart, Ralf Keller
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