Integrating dynamic views using model driven development

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Integrating dynamic views using model driven development
Model Driven Development is helping software developers rapidly engineer today's most sophisticated business applications. Tool support, such as the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and the newly announced Eclipse Modeling Project, provide a variety of support to software engineers. While these tools provide assistance during many stages of the software lifecycle, few tools exist to help the engineers design, generate and reason about complex, data centric user interfaces. This paper describes our Model Driven Visualization framework. This framework allows the Model Driven Development community to leverage several well established information visualization techniques. Using model driven development, we have provided a mechanism to rapidly prototype new visualizations from an application's data model. To demonstrate this approach, we have used this framework to generate a number of new, dynamically coordinated views for an EMF model that summarizes almost a century of Nationa...
R. Ian Bull
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Year 2006
Authors R. Ian Bull
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