Integrating the improved CBP model with kernel SOM

8 years 6 months ago
Integrating the improved CBP model with kernel SOM
In this paper, we first design a more generalized network model, Improved CBP, based on the same structure as Circular BackPropagation (CBP) proposed by Ridella et al. The novelty of ICBP lies in: 1) it substitutes the original extra added node with the isotropic quadratic form input in CBP with the one with an anisotropic quadratic form input; 2) particularly, the weights between the extra node and all the hidden nodes are endowed fixed values instead of the original changeable values. As a result, ICBP possesses better generalization and adaptability although it has less adjustable weights compared to CBP. Secondly, we propose a new kernel-based SOM algorithm using the kernel method. Our main motives of using the kernel method are 1) to induce a class of robust non-Euclidean distance measures for the original input space and establish a new objective functions for SOM, and thus make the newly-established SOM able to cluster the non-Euclidean structures in data; 2) to enhance robustne...
Qun Dai, Songcan Chen
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where IJON
Authors Qun Dai, Songcan Chen
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