An Intelligent IT Infrastructure for the Future

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An Intelligent IT Infrastructure for the Future
The proliferation of new modes of communication and collaboration has resulted in an explosion of digital information. To turn this challenge into an opportunity, the IT industry will have to develop novel ways to acquire, store, process, and deliver information to customers — wherever, however, and whenever they need it. An “Intelligent IT Infrastructure,” which can deliver extremely high performance, adaptability and security — will be the backbone of these developments. At HP Labs, the central research arm for Hewlett Packard, we are taking a multidisciplinary approach to this problem by spanning four areas: computing, storage, networking and nanotechnology. We are working on the design of an exascale data center that will provide 1000X performance while enhancing availability, manageability and reliability and reducing the power and cooling costs. We are working on helping the transition to effective parallel and distributed computing by developing the software tools to al...
Prith Banerjee
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Updated 18 May 2010
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Year 2010
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