Intentional Modeling to Support Identity Management

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Intentional Modeling to Support Identity Management
Identity management has arisen as a major and urgent challenge for internet-based communications and information services. Internet services involve complex networks of relationships among users and providers - human and automated - acting in many different capacities under interconnected and dynamic contexts. There is a pressing need for frameworks and models to support the analysis and design of complex social relationships and identities in order to ensure the effective use of existing protection technologies and control mechanisms. Systematic methods are needed to guide the design, operation, administration, and maintenance of internet services, in order to address complex issues of security, privacy, trust and risk, as well as interactions in functionality. All of these rely on sophisticated concepts for identity and techniques for identity management. We propose using a requirements modeling framework GRL to facilitate identity management for Internet Services. Using this modelin...
Lin Liu, Eric S. K. Yu
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ER
Authors Lin Liu, Eric S. K. Yu
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