Intentions and Assignments

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Intentions and Assignments
Abstract. The aim of this work is propose a logical approach to intention dynamics based on the notion of assignment [7, 3]. The function of an assignment is to associate the truth value of a certain formula ϕ to a propositional atom p. We combine a static modal logic of belief and choice with three kinds of dynamic modalities and corresponding three kinds of assignments: assignments operating on an agent’s beliefs, assignments operating on the agent’s choices and assignments operating on the objective world. An agent’s intention is defined in our approach as the agent’s choice to perform a given action and two basic operations on intentions called intention generation and intention reconsideration are defined as specific kinds of assignments on choices.
Emiliano Lorini, Mehdi Dastani, Hans P. van Ditmar
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where LORI
Authors Emiliano Lorini, Mehdi Dastani, Hans P. van Ditmarsch, Andreas Herzig, John-Jules Ch. Meyer
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