Inter-Class Resource Sharing using Statistical Service Envelopes

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Inter-Class Resource Sharing using Statistical Service Envelopes
Networks that support multiple services through "link-sharing" must address the fundamental conflicting requirement between isolation among service classes to satisfy each class' quality of service requirements, and statistical sharing of resources for efficient network utilization. While a number of service disciplines have been devised which provide mechanisms to both isolate flows and fairly share excess capacity, admission control algorithms are needed which exploit the effects of inter-class resource sharing. In this paper, we develop a framework of using statistical service envelopes to study inter-class statistical resource sharing. We show how this service envelope enables a class to over-book resources beyond its deterministically guaranteed capacity by statistically characterizing the excess service available due to fluctuating demands of other service classes. We apply our techniques to several multi-class schedulers, including Generalized Processor Sharing, ...
Jingyu Qiu, Edward W. Knightly
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Jingyu Qiu, Edward W. Knightly
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