Interaction graphs: Additives

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Interaction graphs: Additives
Geometry of Interaction (GoI) is a research program initiated by Jean-Yves Girard which aims at defining a semantics of linear logic proofs accounting for the dynamical aspects of cut elimination. We present here a parametrized construction of a Geometry of Interaction for Multiplicative Additive Linear Logic (MALL) in which proofs are represented by families of directed weighted graphs. Contrarily to former constructions dealing with additive connectives [12, 17], we are able to solve the known issue of obtaining a denotational semantics for MALL by introducing a notion of observational equivalence. Moreover, our setting has the advantage of being the first construction dealing with additives where proofs of MALL are interpreted by finite objects. The fact that we obtain a denotational model of MALL relies on a single geometric property, which we call the trefoil property, from which we obtain, for each value of the parameter, adjunctions. We then proceed to show how this setting ...
Thomas Seiller
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