Interactive 3D Sound Hyperstories for Blind Children

12 years 6 months ago
Interactive 3D Sound Hyperstories for Blind Children
Interactive software is currently used for learning and entertainment purposes. This type of software is not very common among blind children because most computer games and electronic toys do not have appropriate interfaces to be accessible without visual cues. This study introduces the idea of interactive hyperstories carried out in a 3D acoustic virtual world for blind children. We have conceptualized a model to design hyperstories. Through AudioDoom we have an application that enables testing cognitive tasks with blind children. The main research question underlying this work explores how audiobased entertainment and spatial sound navigable experiences can create cognitive spatial structures in the minds of blind children. AudioDoom presents first person experiences through exploration of interactive virtual worlds by using only 3D aural representations of the space. Keywords Virtual acoustic environment, space representation, blind children, audio-based navigation, hyperstory, 3D...
Mauricio Lumbreras, Jaime Sánchez
Added 02 Aug 2010
Updated 02 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1999
Where CHI
Authors Mauricio Lumbreras, Jaime Sánchez
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