Interactive Comprehensible Data Mining

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Interactive Comprehensible Data Mining
This paper discusses a novel data mining system devised and developed at Birmingham, which attempts to provide a more effective data mining system. It ties in with the workshop goals in a number of different areas. The system tries to allow users to see the big picture and not get caught up in irrelevant detail too early; it uses perception-based approaches to data mining, and it uses interactive visualisation techniques to assist in this process. BIG QUESTIONS In data mining, or knowledge discovery, we are essentially faced with a mass of data that we are trying to make sense of. We are looking for something "interesting". Quite what "interesting" is is hard to define, however - one day it is the general trend that most of the data follows that we are intrigued by - the next it is why there are a few outliers to that trend. In order for a data mining to be generically useful to us, it must therefore have some way in which we can indicate what is interesting and wh...
Andy Pryke, Russell Beale
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CHI
Authors Andy Pryke, Russell Beale
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