Interactive Mechanical Design Variation for Haptics and CAD

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Interactive Mechanical Design Variation for Haptics and CAD
A fast design variation technique for mechanical systems is presented. It is used to interactively optimize mechanical characteristics while "self-assembling" or satisfying large systems of mechanical constraints. The high speed method is central to providing inverse dynamics force feedback in haptics and control applications. Performance advantages with the use of augmented coordinates for inverse dynamics of closed loop topologies are also noted. The interaction framework allows manipulation of complex assemblies while maintaining kinematically admissible configurations though linkage and joint limit constraints. Furthermore, design variables such as link length can be treated as free variables and optimized to meet design criteria such as assembly dexterity. Assemblies with flexible bodies fit naturally within this framework. Thus, the contribution of this paper is the advancement of techniques in augmented coordinates for the kinematic and force feedback interaction with...
Donald D. Nelson, Elaine Cohen
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Type Journal
Year 1999
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Authors Donald D. Nelson, Elaine Cohen
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