Interactive skeleton-driven dynamic deformations

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Interactive skeleton-driven dynamic deformations
This paper presents a framework for the skeleton-driven animation of elastically deformable characters. A character is embedded in a coarse volumetric control lattice, which provides the structure needed to apply the finite element method. To incorporate skeletal controls, we introduce line constraints along the bones of simple skeletons. The bones are made to coincide with edges of the control lattice, which enables us to apply the constraints efficiently using algebraic methods. To accelerate computation, we associate regions of the volumetric mesh with particular bones and perform locally linearized simulations, which are blended at each time step. We define a hierarchical basis on the control lattice, so for detailed interactions the simulation can adapt the level of detail. We demonstrate the ability to animate complex models using simple skeletons and coarse volumetric meshes in a manner that simulates secondary motions at interactive rates. CR Categories: I.3.5 [Computer Graphi...
Steve Capell, Seth Green, Brian Curless, Tom Ducha
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Where TOG
Authors Steve Capell, Seth Green, Brian Curless, Tom Duchamp, Zoran Popovic
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