The Interactive Track at INEX 2004

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The Interactive Track at INEX 2004
An interactive track was included in INEX for the first time in 2004. The main aim of the track was to study the behaviour of searchers when interacting with components of XML documents. In this paper, we describe the motivation and aims of the track in detail, we outline the methodology and we present some initial findings from the analysis of the results. 1 Interactive Track Motivation In recent years there has been a growing realisation in the IR community that the interaction of searchers with information is an indispensable component of the IR process. As a result, issues relating to interactive IR have been extensively investigated in the last decade. A major advance in research has been made by co-ordinated efforts in the interactive track at TREC. These efforts have been in the context of unstructured documents (e.g. news articles) or in the context of the loosely-defined structure encountered in web pages. XML documents, on the other hand, define a different context, by of...
Anastasios Tombros, Birger Larsen, Saadia Malik
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where INEX
Authors Anastasios Tombros, Birger Larsen, Saadia Malik
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