Interference Forwarding in Multiuser Networks

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Interference Forwarding in Multiuser Networks
—We study communication in networks with multiple source-destination pairs and relays. In such networks, the channel output at any destination receiver consists of both the desired signal and interference. In this setting the relay can help forward the desired message of a user to the destination receiver, or help forward interference to a receiver to improve its ability to cancel the interference. Focusing on the impact of interference forwarding, we define a new relay-interferer channel (RIC) model, which serves as the basic building block for the study of interference in multiuser networks. Using the RIC we show that correlation between the codebooks of the relay and the interferer (e.g. superposition codebooks) is essential for obtaining performance benefits from interference forwarding. We conclude that in order to achieve rate gains from relaying interference using the decode-and-forward strategy, a superposition codebook is required. Otherwise, this relay strategy has the sa...
Ron Dabora, Ivana Maric, Andrea J. Goldsmith
Added 29 May 2010
Updated 29 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Ron Dabora, Ivana Maric, Andrea J. Goldsmith
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