Internet-Based E-Learning Workflow Process

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Internet-Based E-Learning Workflow Process
More and more people are interested in Internet-based e-learning. Internet-based e-learning has become one very important arena of modern education system. This paper is based our Internet-based e-learning teaching experience which comes from one of the leading e-learning university, the University of Southern Queensland. The Internet-based e-learning system can effectively reach the expected achievement through a well-designed workflow mechanism. The whole e-learning environment is made of four sub-workflow systems, teaching, learning, administration and technology support. Through well-designed four sub-workflow systems, all key activities are identified from these sub-workflow systems. Through improving these key activities, the whole Internet-based e-learning process has got a significant improvement. The performance of learning and teaching through this new-designed e-learning workflow system has better satisfied all aspects of learning, teaching, administration and technology sup...
Jianming Yong
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Year 2005
Authors Jianming Yong
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