Internet Geography: New Spaces of Information

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Internet Geography: New Spaces of Information
The objective of great investments in telecommunication networks is to approach economies and put an end to the asymmetries. The most isolated regions could be the beneficiaries of this new technological investments wave disseminating trough the territories. The new economic scenarios created by globalisation make high capacity backbones and coherent information society polity, two instruments that could change regions fate and launch them in to an economic development context. Technology could bring international projection to services or products and could be the differentiating element between a national and an international economic strategy. So, the networks and its fluxes are becoming two of the most important variables to the economies. Measuring and representing this new informational accessibility, mapping new communities, finding new patterns and localisation models, could be today’s challenge. In the physical and real space, location is defined by two or three geographica...
Jorge Ricardo da Costa Ferreira
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Jorge Ricardo da Costa Ferreira
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