Internet Routing Instability

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Internet Routing Instability
Abstract—This paper examines the network interdomain routing information exchanged between backbone service providers at the major U.S. public Internet exchange points. Internet routing instability, or the rapid fluctuation of network reachability information, is an important problem currently facing the Internet engineering community. High levels of network instability can lead to packet loss, increased network latency and time to convergence. At the extreme, high levels of routing instability have led to the loss of internal connectivity in wide-area, national networks. In this paper, we describe several unexpected trends in routing instability, and examine a number of anomalies and pathologies observed in the exchange of inter-domain routing information. The analysis in this paper is based on data collected from BGP routing messages generated by border routers at five of the Internet core’s public exchange points during a nine month period. We show that the volume of these rou...
Craig Labovitz, G. Robert Malan, Farnam Jahanian
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Craig Labovitz, G. Robert Malan, Farnam Jahanian
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