Interoperability Among Independently Evolving Web Services

10 years 11 months ago
Interoperability Among Independently Evolving Web Services
The increasing popularity of XML Web services motivates us to examine if it is feasible to substitute one vendor service for another when using a Web-based application, assuming that these services are “derived from” a common base. If such substitution were possible, end users could use the same application with a variety of back-end vendor services, and the vendors themselves could compete on price, quality, availability, etc. Interoperability with substituted services is non-trivial, however, and four types of incompatibilities may arise during such interoperation – structural, value, encoding and semantic. We address these incompatibilities three-fold: (1) static and dynamic analysis tools to infer whether an application is compatible with a substituted service, (2) semiautomatically generated middleware components called cross-stubs that actually resolve incompatibilities and enable interoperation with substituted services, and (3) a lightweight mechanism called multi-option ...
Shankar Ponnekanti, Armando Fox
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Shankar Ponnekanti, Armando Fox
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