Interpolation of three views based on epipolar geometry

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Interpolation of three views based on epipolar geometry
In this paper, we propose a method for generating arbitrary view image by interpolating images between three cameras using epipolar geometry. Projective geometry has recently been used in the field of computer vision, because projective geometry can be easily determined compararing with Euclidean geometry. In the proposed method, three input camera images are rectified so that the vertical and horizontal directions can be completely aligned to the epipolar planes between the cameras. This rectification provides Projective Voxel Space (PVS), in which the three axes are aligned with the direction of camera's projection. Such alignment simplifies the procedure for projection and back projection between the 3D space and the image planes. First, we apply shape-from-silhouette with taking advantage of PVS. The consistency of color value between the images is evaluated for final determination of the object surface voxel. Therefore, consistent matching in three images is estimated and im...
Makoto Kimura, Hideo Saito
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Where VCIP
Authors Makoto Kimura, Hideo Saito
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