The Interpretation of CAS

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The Interpretation of CAS
Abstract. There has been much debate over how to interpret the structure in queries that contain structural hints. At INEX 2003 and 2004, there were two interpretations: SCAS in which the user specified target element was interpreted strictly, and VCAS in which it was interpreted vaguely. But how many ways are there that the query could be interpreted? In the investigation at INEX 2005 (discussed herein) four different interpretations were proposed, and compared on the same queries. Those interpretations (SSCAS, SVCAS, VSCAS, and VVCAS) are the four interpretations possible by interpreting the target elements, and the support elements, either strictly or vaguely. An analysis of the submitted runs shows that those that share an interpretation of the target element correlate - that is, the previous decision to divide CAS into the SCAS and VCAS (as done at INEX 2003 and 2004) was sound. The analysis is supported by the fact that the best performing VSCAS run was submitted to the VVCAS t...
Andrew Trotman, Mounia Lalmas
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where INEX
Authors Andrew Trotman, Mounia Lalmas
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