Intersecting with Unaware Objects

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Intersecting with Unaware Objects
We adopt a design-oriented approach aimed at motivating and expanding the notion of everyday creativity beyond explicit interactions to also include the implicit, incremental and, at times even, unknowing encounters that emerge among people, technologies, and artifacts over time. We explore these ideas through the design and investigation of two interaction design research artifacts: the Photobox and table-non-table. Through analyzing and synthesizing insights that emerged across our studies, we describe a related set of concepts in support of a more implicit form of everyday creativity, which includes: unaware objects, intersections and ensembles. We conclude by interpreting findings in context of prior implications for everyday creativity and outline considerations for future work. Author Keywords Unremarkable Creativity; Unawareness; Interaction Design.
William Odom, Ron Wakkary
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Type Journal
Year 2015
Authors William Odom, Ron Wakkary
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