Inverted indexes for phrases and strings

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Inverted indexes for phrases and strings
Inverted indexes are the most fundamental and widely used data structures in information retrieval. For each unique word occurring in a document collection, the inverted index stores a list of the documents in which this word occurs. Compression techniques are often applied to further reduce the space requirement of these lists. However, the index has a shortcoming, in that only predefined pattern queries can be supported efficiently. In terms of string documents where word boundaries are undefined, if we have to index all the substrings of a given document, then the storage quickly becomes quadratic in the data size. Also, if we want to apply the same type of indexes for querying phrases or sequence of words, then the inverted index will end up storing redundant information. In this paper, we show the first set of inverted indexes which work naturally for strings as well as phrase searching. The central idea is to exclude document d in the inverted list of a string P if every occu...
Manish Patil, Sharma V. Thankachan, Rahul Shah, Wi
Added 17 Sep 2011
Updated 17 Sep 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors Manish Patil, Sharma V. Thankachan, Rahul Shah, Wing-Kai Hon, Jeffrey Scott Vitter, Sabrina Chandrasekaran
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