Issues in Distributed Control for ATM Networks

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Issues in Distributed Control for ATM Networks
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network technology is expected to become a central part of the emerging global information infrastructure. ATM networks introduce a number of features that distinguish them from earlier technologies and introduce new issues in network control. This paper o ers a framework for precisely de ning and analyzing alternative approaches to the distributed control of ATM networks and explores some of the key design issues through a series of examples. It is hoped that it will provide a useful foundation for researchers in networking and distributed computing interested in exploring these issues further and developing more complete solutions. 0 This work was supported by the ARPA Computing Systems Technology O ce, Ascom Timeplex, Bay Networks, Bell Northern Research, NEC, NTT, Southwestern Bell and Tektronix.
Jonathan S. Turner
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Year 1995
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Authors Jonathan S. Turner
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