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It Would Be Much Easier If WENT Were GOED

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It Would Be Much Easier If WENT Were GOED
The paper proposes a paradigmatic approach to morphological knowledge acquisition. It addresses the problem of learning from examples rules for word-forms analysis and synthesis. These rules, established by generalizing the training data sets, are effectively used by a built-in interpreter which acts consequently as a morphological processor within the architecture of a natural language question-answering system. The PARADIGM system has no a priori knowledge which should restrict it to a particular natural language, but instead builds up the morphological rules based only on the examples provided, be they in Romanian, English, French, Russian, SIovak and the like.
Dan Tufis
Added 06 Nov 2010
Updated 06 Nov 2010
Type Conference
Year 1989
Where EACL
Authors Dan Tufis
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