Iterative remapping for logic circuits

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Iterative remapping for logic circuits
Abstract—This paper presents an aggressive optimization technique targeting combinational logic circuits. Starting from an initial implementation mapped on a given technology library, the network is optimized by finding optimal replacements to clusters of two or more cells at the same time. We leverage a generalized matching algorithm that finds symbolically all possible matching assignments of library cells to a multioutput network specified by a Boolean relation and automatically selects the minimumcost replacement. The remapping technique can be applied to area minimization under delay constraints, power minimization under delay constraints, and unconstrained delay minimization. Our remapping tool is based on a fully symbolic algorithm geared toward flexibility and robustness. The tool has been tested on a large set of benchmark circuits. The quality of the results proves the practical relevance of the technique. We obtain sizable improvements in i) speed (6% in average, up to...
Luca Benini, Patrick Vuillod, Giovanni De Micheli
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Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 1998
Where TCAD
Authors Luca Benini, Patrick Vuillod, Giovanni De Micheli
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