The JikesXen Java server platform

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The JikesXen Java server platform
ose of the JVM is to abstract the Java language from the hardware and software platforms it runs on. For this reason, the JVM uses services offered by the host operating system in order to implement identical services for the Java language. The obvious duplication of effort in service provision and resource management between the JVM and the operating system has a measurable cost on the performance of Java programs. In my PhD research, I try to find ways of minimizing the cost of sharing resources between the OS and the JVM, by identifying and removing unnecessary software layers. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.0 [General]: Hardware/software interfaces; C.4 [Performance of Systems]: Performance Attributes; D.4.7 [Operating Systems]: Organization and Design General Terms Performance, Languages Keywords JVM, Performance, Operating System, Virtual Machine
Georgios Gousios
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Georgios Gousios
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