JRoute: A Run-Time Routing API for FPGA Hardware

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JRoute: A Run-Time Routing API for FPGA Hardware
JRoute is a set of Java classes that provide an application programming interface (API) for routing of Xilinx FPGA devices. The interface allows various levels of control from connecting two routing resources to automated routing of a net with fanout. This API also handles ports, which are useful when designing object oriented macro circuits or cores. Each core can define its own ports, which can then be used in calls to the router. Debug support for circuits is also available. Finally, the routing API has an option to unroute a circuit. Built on JBits, the JRoute API provides access to routing resources in a Xilinx FPGA architecture. Currently the VirtexTM family is supported.
Eric Keller
Added 31 Jul 2010
Updated 31 Jul 2010
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