Jump Start Your Performance Career Using Analytic Modeling

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Jump Start Your Performance Career Using Analytic Modeling
What is the career path for a performance analyst? A capacity planner? Most technicians paid their dues in the trenches of systems programming or operations. Having done it all, there can appear to be few interesting challenges left. Move up in your industry to become a strategic planner or a systems architect. Analytic modeling is the number one tool to turn a bit-twiddling performance geek into an advisor to the CIO. This paper will discuss the methodology to make modeling pay off in your career. Audience This paper is targeted toward experienced performance and capacity planners looking for a way to regain the enthusiasm and interest they once had in their jobs. Experience with modeling is not a requirement, but those who have used analytic modeling will also benefit from learning how better to communicate the results. The Career Path Problem The line between capacity planning and performance management has blurred over the past few years, primarily because of the lack of people to...
Denise P. Kalm
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