Jumpstarting phylogenetic analysis

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Jumpstarting phylogenetic analysis
: Phylogenetic analysis is a central tool in studies of comparative genomics. When a new region of DNA is isolated and sequenced, researchers are often forced to throw away months of computation on an existing phylogeny of homologous sequences in order to incorporate this new sequence. The previously constructed trees are often discarded, and the researcher begins the search again from scratch. The jumpstarting algorithm uses trees from the prior search as a starting point for a new phylogenetic search. This technique drastically decreases search time for large data sets. This kind of analysis is necessary as researchers analyse tree of life size data sets.
Jesse Mecham, Mark J. Clement, Quinn Snell, Todd F
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Jesse Mecham, Mark J. Clement, Quinn Snell, Todd Freestone, Kevin D. Seppi, Keith A. Crandall
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