Kernel Support for Open QoS-Aware Computing

10 years 11 months ago
Kernel Support for Open QoS-Aware Computing
Most research on QoS-aware computing considers systems where code is generally partitioned into separately schedulable tasks with associated timing constraints. In sharp contrast to such systems is a myriad of mainstream off-the-shelf applications and services such as Web servers, caches, mail servers, and content distribution proxies where QoS guarantees may be needed, yet the software follows a best-effort one-size-serves-all model. In this model, different traffic classes are not mapped to different schedulable entities (tasks), making it impossible to use real-time scheduling meaningfully to satisfy application QoS. This paper presents a kernel-level solution to the problem of retrofitting such best-effort systems with QoS support without changing application code. The solution has been implemented in Linux. By downloading a few kernel patches and configuring the patched kernel appropriately, a system administrator can endow a best-effort service with QoS assurances transparent...
Ronghua Zhang, Tarek F. Abdelzaher, John A. Stanko
Added 05 Jul 2010
Updated 05 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where RTAS
Authors Ronghua Zhang, Tarek F. Abdelzaher, John A. Stankovic
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