Key technologies for the next generation wireless communications

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Key technologies for the next generation wireless communications
The principal objectives of next generation wireless communication are the delivery of higher data rate services including video, audio, data and voice signals with worldwide compatibility. The promise of new radio spectrum encouraged the world’s mobile telecommunication operators to pay very high prices for 3G licenses. Most 3G systems is arranged to operate in 2GHz frequency band. The 4G represents the next development stages of cellular evolution beyond 3G, and offers an ideal basis and bandwidth to provide more efficient cellular multicast services. At present, 4G exists only in the conceptual framework to discuss and address future high-speed network and handset requirements. In this context, we address the following important topics such as key technologies of wireless communication system, main standardization trends of next generation and major implementation issues for wireless SOC. Categories and Subject Descriptors A.1 [Introductory and survey] General Terms Design, Stand...
Kyung-Ho Kim
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