KiWi - A Platform for Semantic Social Software (Demonstration)

12 years 8 months ago
KiWi - A Platform for Semantic Social Software (Demonstration)
Abstract. Semantic Wikis have demonstrated the power of combining Wikis with Semantic Web technology. The KiWi system goes beyond Semantic Wikis by providing a flexible and adaptable platform for building different kinds of Social Semantic Software, powered by Semantic Web technology. While the KiWi project itself is primarily focussed on the knowledge management domain, this demonstration shows how KiWi aspects like the Wiki Principles and Content Versatility can be used to build completely different kinds of Social Software applications. The first application we show is an “ordinary” Semantic Wiki system preloaded with content from a online news site. The second application called TagIT is a map-based system where locations and routes on a map can be “tagged” by users with textual descriptions, SKOS categories, and multimedia material. Both applicatons are built on top of the same KiWi platform and actually share the same content. 1 Motivation: From Semantic Wikis to KiWi...
Sebastian Schaffert, Julia Eder, Szaby Grünwa
Added 24 Jul 2010
Updated 24 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ESWS
Authors Sebastian Schaffert, Julia Eder, Szaby Grünwald, Thomas Kurz, Mihai Radulescu
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