Knowledge Assessment - Practical Example in Testing

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Knowledge Assessment - Practical Example in Testing
: Knowledge assessment is inseparable part of current e-learning technologies. It can be used for self-assessment of students to give them feedback about their progress in a study or for an intermediate or final grading for tutors. However, knowledge tests are not developed with the adequate care. Author's experience in the area of knowledge assessment led to a confidence the "unstructured" testing is usually used in this process. It means that many of knowledge tests are not designed to reveal the reached level of knowledge. Moreover, testing suites are reviewed very seldom regarding their validity and items correlation. This paper presents experiences gained during the design and implementation of specific software focused on teaching several principles of the Unix.-like operating systems. The structure of the specific assignment follows the Bloom's taxonomy of educational objectives. Key words: knowledge assessment; practical example; testing
Ján Genci
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Year 2008
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