Knowledge Repositories for Rural Communities of Learning

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Knowledge Repositories for Rural Communities of Learning
Knowledge Repositories can be a potential solution in order to cover agricultural professionals' lifelong learning needs. An application area of particular interest is the one of digital learning repositories (LORs) which are digital repositories that are created in order to provide access to digital educational materials and the nature of their content or metadata reflects an interest in those materials being used in an educational context. In such repositories, educational metadata play an important role since they allow the description and categorisation of learning resources using widely-accepted, interoperable and reusable metadata specifications and standards. In this initial stages of my PhD research, we study the design of appropriate educational metadata for LORs that aims to support vocational training of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) communities in rural areas and also we will develop a final repository system. Finally we will identify the lines of initial stages ...
Argiris Tzikopoulos
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Year 2007
Authors Argiris Tzikopoulos
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