Lambda-Search in Game Trees - with Application to Go

10 years 2 months ago
Lambda-Search in Game Trees - with Application to Go
This paper proposes a new method for searching two-valued (binary) game trees in games like chess or Go. Lambda-search uses null-moves together with different orders of threat-sequences (so-called lambda-trees), focusing the search on threats and threat-aversions, but still guaranteeing to find the minimax value (provided that the game-rules allow passing or zugzwang is not a motive). Using negligible working memory in itself, the method seems able to offer a large relative reduction in search space over standard alpha-beta comparable to the relative reduction in search space of alpha-beta over minimax, among other things depending upon how non-uniform the search tree is. Lambda-search is compared to other resembling approaches, such as null-move pruning and proof-number search, and it is explained how the concept and context of different orders of lambda-trees may ease and inspire the implemenf abstract game-specific knowledge. This is illustrated on open-space Go block tactics, disti...
Thomas Thomsen
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Year 2000
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