Landscape analysis and simulation shell (Lass)

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Landscape analysis and simulation shell (Lass)
We present a set of models for simulating vegetation dynamics in disturbance-prone ecosystems with different complexity levels, integrated in a modelling environment for generating landscapes and analysing landscape patterns and simulation results (LASS). Three spatially explicit simulation models with different degrees of complexity are included in LASS: a qualitative simulation model (presence/absence of species in the grid system; the MELCA model), a model based on the semiquantitative abundance of different species in each cell (the FATELAND model) and a quantitative individual-based model of vegetation dynamics (the BROLLA model); all of them are in a spatially explicit framework. Examples for using the LASS environment and the simulation models are provided.
Juli G. Pausas, Juan I. Ramos
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Juli G. Pausas, Juan I. Ramos
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